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New Farmer’s Market in Cumming GA

Farmer Markets in Forsyth County

New Farmer’s Market in Cumming GA

New stores and opening in Cumming GA and Forsyth County is always a hot topic (click here for more new business news)!  We love seeing new {good} growth in our county!  And this is one that many of you will be excited about.

Southern Growers (currently sold at the Vickery Village Farmer’s Market on Fridays) is opening a Farmer’s Produce Market & Country Store in North Forsyth County!

Location:  4310 Settendown Village Road, Cumming GA 30041

Store Hours:  Sunday – Noon to 5pm
Monday through Tuesday – closed
Wednesday through Saturday – 8am to 7pm

Grand Opening:  Spring 2014 – Click here for their website with updates.   OR Like on Facebook for more updates too.

More Information

Be sure to check out our past round-up for additional market options in Cumming GA & Forsyth County too.  And those of you still asking about a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods – no change there, but don’t forget we’re still scheduled to get a Sprouts Farmer’s Market at Lakeland Plaza and The Collection has officially included EarthFare on their coming soon banner!

Georgia Farmers Market in Cumming GA

Georgia Farmers Market in Cumming GA

Georgia Farmers Market in Cumming GA

Have you heard about the brand new Georgia Farmers Market opening in Cumming GA & Fosyth County?

When we first shared this photo on our Facebook page – gosh you all got excited!!  And I admit it.  I got excited when I first saw it too.  We have long talked about when a Whole Foods or Trader Joes would open in Cumming or Forsyth.  Remember my post about “Is Whole Foods Opening in Cumming GA” – so yes, I’m excited!

The Georgia Farmers Market will be remodeling the space next door to Stars & Strikes (formerly occupied by Overstock Floors).

According to this article by North Fulton News, the brand new Georgia Farmers Market in Cumming will offer “locally grown produce, locally raised meats and regionally caught seafood.”  That’s awesome!!  And according to the same article it’s scheduled to open by the end of October.  Awesome again!!  Read the full North Fulton News article for even more details.

I will definitely be giving the new Georgia Farmers Market a chance!  Until then, I’ll just make drive-bys and see how close to October they’ll be!


Is a Whole Foods Opening in Cumming GA?

Update:  No Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s YET, but we do have a Sprouts Farmer’s Market opening in 2015!!  Click here for more information.

Whole Foods Trader Joes

Is a Whole Foods Opening in Cumming GA?

I don’t know if I’m in a super small minority that reads every billboard and tries to notice every new store coming into town or not.  Are you like that too or is it just me?

Just like when I get sad to see businesses close (did you hear that Menchie’s is closed!!), I get really happy to see new ones opening up in town.  And it seems like Cumming GA & Forsyth County is on an up-swing of openings these days.

Laguna Mexican is getting ready to open up right in downtown Cumming (in the old City Bistro space).  7 Tequilas Mexican is opening up in the old space of Smokejack at Midway Family Festival.  Asian Silk is opening up in a space that hasn’t been occupied in so long I forget the name of the last restaurant there (behind Verizon at Market Place Blvd)!  OVR Coffee Cafe just recently opened up at Vickery Village and a new restaurant is going inside the old Tavern space there too.  Panera Bread is finally in Cumming GA and The Cupbearer is in the same shopping center.

Oh, and I know LOTS of you are excited about Costco coming to town.  I truly am curious … why is there so much excitement about Costco??  I guess I’ve never shopped there.

Anyhow.  That brings us to the one thing that Forsyth County is in desperate need of (well if they would ask for my opinion at least) … a good grocery store!!  What is it going to take to bring Whole Foods or Trader Joes to Cumming GA or Forsyth County?

Since they don’t clue me into their plan, I have no idea when or if that will ever happen.  But I do try to remind them from time to time that we need them!  And here’s what transpired the last time I reminded Whole Foods …

whole foods tweets

 So what does that mean to you?

Do you think we’ve waited long enough?  And a Whole Foods would be a good thing, right?  My answer to both of those is YES!!  So come on Whole Foods!!  SO … do you think a Whole Foods is opening up in Cumming or Forsyth County soon?  Or if they don’t jump on something soon, maybe Trader Joes will!

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